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Style all the wigs!

cloud is done, I’m working on Zack now, and then Aerith and Lightning when I’m done. Q u Q

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More working on cosplay with (Andthisisgonnahurt) reno.

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"I wonder if I talk about how sexy the president is if he’ll get mad.”

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Let me tell you a thing…

I am sleepy.

So sleepy.

I know it doesn’t seem like I’ve been up to much..

but I feel like I’ve mentally put myself through a lot the last two weeks and now I’m just really tired and don’t want to deal with stuff but hnng. Gonna sleep early and see if I can motivate myself enough to wake up early and do some sewing before I group up with friends for cosplay workshop since I couldn’t do that today due to going to seattle.

My mum surprised me and decided to actually get a hotel this year and was like, “No more last minute planning for cons. You and your friends should of done this in january or somethin.”


Anywho… I’m going job hunting after con. so there’s that. Gonna pressure my dad into getting his car fixed so job will actually be a thing. gonna finish commissions after con because art hng. I wanna draw all the things but so tired or no time.

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//ooc; In which Reno-Mun and Rod-Mun got basically the same haircut.

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"It’s my birthday and I’ll break shit if I want to."

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"A killer look, I dare say."

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I gave him a little haircut, because why not :P

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Day 7 - Favourite guest

Bless you and the spam of Hi-potions <3
In a first time, I thought you were a girl. I’ m sorry. Well, that’ s not my fault if you wear earrings and those kind of high heels… ‘>w>
But you are so cutebjkdskvskdvsd <3 and you act like a real gentleman with Penelo, very good ù.ù
I don’ t really like his combat style, it’ s a sort of fencing (?), well, I can’ t have the perfect guest!

If there are any mistakes in my english, I’ m sorry!