“I think you should apologize, at least for abandoning them when you were supposed to be there. I mean, that’s kind of…a really big reason to be angry at somebody, don’t you think? Some people hold grudges — especially when it comes to things like this.”

"Mmm… I don’t think another apology is going to do much for the President at this point. Think he would kick me out of the office if I even tried to apologize. He definitely knows how to hold grudges."


  “Hmmm…for starters, do you know why they don’t like you? Maybe you did something inadvertently to bug them, or said something by mistake.”

"Man.. Where do I even start… Lets see, I guess the big thing is I left them when I was needed. Oh, and that also went against a past agreement contract." Thinks a bit more, "I’ve started a fight with a few of his friends a while back…But that shouldn’t matter anymore because that was all forever ago right?"


    “Hey! If it means anything, I think you’re a great guy.” A smile was quick to grace her countenance whilst jade optics met with the male’s. “That sounds like a great plan.”

"Alright… then help me with this because you seem to do well with people. There’s this person who really doesn’t like me…’kay? What’s a good way to change that?"



“Have to agree with you there, girlie. Though I shouldn’t speak since I’m one of those people.”

    “I guess most people are, if you think about it. I just wish people would think before they spoke. At least some of the time.”

"Ouch… You’re really touching all parts of my personality." Laughs a bit, "How about,…I’ll try a bit harder to think before I speak, But in exchange of some help."


    “If people weren’t so quick to judge, and easy to anger, maybe things would be a little better for us all.”

"Have to agree with you there, girlie. Though I shouldn’t speak since I’m one of those people."

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ooc; [Would make starter for, although I won’t be present this weekend.] >_>

ooc; [ Me too mostly! :DD I have a cosplay shoot saturday and a parade on sunday]


Those Around Me:

[[Turks moving into the bar. >:3]]
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gaianflower replied to your post: Aeri(s)(th)/ Rod is my true pairing for Rod.

[Though she would totally want to sell flowers with him, in place of a date—]

[He would make it a goal to sell so many flowers that she would be impressed with him.]